Building on past success while looking toward the future

14 Summit Street

East Orange, NJ

Building on the success of the 18 Summit Street Apartments and leveraging the cost efficiencies that proximity offers, we envisioned 14 Summit as the ideal next project for the East Orange community. This amenity-driven project allowed us to cater to a broader consumer base in the highly commuter-friendly and walkable neighborhood — bringing sophisticated, modern living to this marketplace for the first time. 

Together, the 14 and 18 Summit residences have cemented the transformation we have actively pioneered in East Orange, with working families and commuters benefiting greatly from the new living options. This will continue the evolution and elevation of the community, a core goal of any Blue Onyx development, which is increasingly evident in light of new projects launched in the area.

Celebrating the past, looking forward to an equitable future

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