What We Do

Residential real estate, reimagined

Our track record of identifying undervalued properties and working with local stakeholders to successfully complete projects speaks for itself. Our proven approach is driven by:


We believe that a customer-first mindset is essential to creating connected communities. Our model of creating long-term, sustainable value is driven by the development of thriving, innovative and well-designed communities that serve our residents’ needs.


Building connected communities is our mission and an expression of our humanity. Our business is a catalyst for creating sustainable value in the communities in which we work.


Our pursuit of improving lives through creativity and innovation makes us different from other developers. We believe in promoting and advancing the design of new typologies, spaces, and experiences that are the framework for connected communities.

Innovative Projects Elevating Residents and Communities

18 Summit Street 01

18 Summit Street

East Orange, NJ

How do you take a vacant building — an eyesore and a community safety concern — and turn it into a financial success and, moreover, a model for future development within the community?

14 Summit Street 02

14 Summit Street

East Orange, NJ

Building on the success of the 18 Summit Street Apartments and leveraging the cost efficiencies that proximity offers, we envisioned 14 Summit as the ideal next project for the East Orange community.

24 1/2 Van Houten 03

24 1/2 Van Houten

Paterson, NJ

The two-acre site comprising 24+Half, which is listed on the National Register of Historical Places and located within the Old Great Falls Historic District, presents a unique opportunity to activate one of Paterson’s most storied neighborhoods.

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