Now that more of us are not only working from home, but also participating on video calls, there are important things to consider when joining these calls. Making sure you’re able to be heard (and now seen) clearly, avoiding background noise (especially while others are talking), and making sure there’s nothing in your background that’s distracting (or embarrassing) are keys to projecting the best image possible when working remotely.

Here are some tips for putting your best foot forward on your next conference or video call from home –


  • Mute your audio when not speaking, as background noise can be incredible distracting for other participants. But don’t forget to un-mute yourself before speaking!
  • When using a conferencing service, join on your computer vs. dialing in via phone as well. When using computer audio, consider a headset and microphone combination for improved audio quality. If you do need to join the audio via phone, make sure to identify yourself to the platform using the provided caller identification instructions so you’re not showing up as two participants on the call.
  • Don’t be afraid to mute your video as well as your audio if you need to in order to avoid distracting or embarrassing situations.


  • Position yourself with a neutral background or use simple backgrounds when using background replacement. While it seems like a great opportunity to show your personality, it’s actually more important that people can clearly see who you are. Take advantage of background blurring features in chat apps like Microsoft Teams or background replacement options in Zoom.
  • Lighting for video calls is important, so make sure you have good lighting will help keep your face clear. A brighter light in front of you, and dimmer light behind you, will ensure you stand out clearly from your background. Avoid sitting in front of a window, as sunlight in the background can make your face appear darker.

The Bigger Picture:

For real estate developers, this introduces an important consideration when planning future developments or property renovations; creating workspace nooks or other areas where people can have neutral backgrounds and a bit of noise isolation while working comfortably from home.

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