The Right Property Management Support Makes a Big Difference

As local and state governments begin to provide guidance for businesses to re-open, and as infection rates stabilize, it’s crucial for property owners, property managers, and business owners to ensure that they’re working closely and collaboratively to ensure that they’re up-to-date and compliant with some of the most important health and safety considerations.

As a property owner, staying compliant and making your building or office environment as safe as possible for your tenants and their guests, visitors, vendors, and customers is your top priority. From multi-family homes to office towers, achieving this requires staying up-to-date with guideline and recommendations from state regulators and health organizations, providing clear guidelines to your tenants, and a close partnership with your property management company to help ensure they’re complying with guidelines established.

For property managers, rethinking business-as-usual in our post-pandemic world means balancing regulatory compliance and tenant peace-of-mind, which requires fostering a strong sense of community and providing clear, regular communications that reflect up-to-date guidelines and recommendations.

For business owners, creating a new normal means treating changes in policies, procedures, and practices as normal, without creating a sense of alarm. This means integrating these new routines and practices as seamlessly into the day-to-day as possible and avoiding creating a sense of alarm.

Things to Consider

From a property owner or tenant’s perspective, here are three important areas to consider when re-opening:

Guideline Compliance – what is currently being mandated by state and local government for workplace re-openings? From official open dates to any guidelines and recommendations, ensuring these are followed and clearly outlined for tenants and any supporting staff will ensure everyone feels comfortable that their safety is being taken into consideration.

Cleaning and Sanitation – how, and how often, are common areas, workspaces, and the property overall cleaned generally, and what level of additional sanitation measures have been put in place, if any? Considerations such as typical spray-and-wipe cleaning vs. more advanced sterilization or deep cleaning  techniques for different locations and surface types are important considerations.

Proximity and Density – in common areas and workspaces, how close are people to each other currently? Taking into consideration concerns about proximity, and the availability and frequency of cleaning and sanitation services, what is the safest occupancy density that you can accommodate while keeping people safe, your organization compliant, and helping the peace-of-mind of your staff?

Property Managers are There to Help

Your property management company plays an important role in ensuring a success; they should be responsible and proactive, staying up to date on regulations, mandates, and recommendations on an international, state, and local level. They should provide clear, consistent communications and help foster a sense of normalcy by ensuring a seamless and measured response; unclear or non-existing messaging and inconsistent practices can undermine a tenant’s sense of safety and comfort. They should also ensure they’re providing training and education to all supporting staff to ensure they’re able to integrate new procedures and practices in as seamless and normal a manner as possible and do so consistently.

Having a property management company that can serve as a partner and guide through this difficult time is crucial and having a partner that can provide innovative solutions and flexible accommodations to help meet some of the hardest compliance challenges is crucial. If you have questions on your current property management company’s practices, or would like to learn more about how Blue Onyx Management can potentially assist you with your property management needs, please contact us today

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