For those of us staying at or work from home during this challenging time, we’d like to provide some recommendations on ways to keep yourself and your family happier, healthier, and active.

Here are some things  you can do individually and as a family while home to stay health and active:

Make cooking a family activity – and use everyday meals as an opportunity not just to interact positively, but to teach your children valuable cooking and food safety tips. Not a great cook? Make it a great shared learning experience for the whole family by taking advantage of online cooking videos.

Making fitness a priority –  remember, it’s okay to go for a walk; just keeping social distancing and safety in mind. Even a few minutes outside every day can help improve your mood and keep your body healthy. Also, online health and fitness classes are available for free to stream on video to help get and keep you motivated.

Have everyone pitch in – by sharing in household chores and other tasks not just to keep everyone engaged, but to ensure that one person isn’t carrying all of the burden. Now more than ever keeping things clean and organized is crucial to ensure you’re following property safety precautions, and everyone can help.

Keep your day and evening schedules – adjusting to life at home can be difficult, especially since it interrupts your existing daily routines. Setting and keeping a daily routine and schedule, from wake-up times to set work and play periods, are an important way to ensure that adjusting to life after COVID-19 will be much easier. And as disruptive as being home can be for adults, younger children are experiencing a huge disruption in their daily routines at an age when establishing and maintaining their routines are crucial for their development.  

Always remember – safety first. Together, we can fight the spread of COVID-19, and take advantage of the opportunity to spend more constructive time together.

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